What I Use

As a geek and web developer, I use a lot of software and hardware on a regular basis...


  • Visual Studio Code - For frontend React/TypeScript development, as a general text editor, and as a solid GUI git client.
  • Visual Studio 2022 - Primarily for ASP.NET Core development.
  • Edge - Both for personal browsing and developing/debugging web apps.
  • Bitwarden - Password management on my desktop and mobile devices.
  • 2FAS - Two-factor authentication.
  • Logseq - Note taking that works the way I think and requires little/no organizational effort

Web Apps and Services

  • GitHub, GitLab - GitHub for personal work. GitLab for enterprise work.
  • Vercel - Hosting for some of the apps I build, highly focused on developer experience.
  • Microsoft Azure - Cloud services / hosting for other apps I develop.
  • Cloudflare - DNS / SSL for my domains.
  • Gmail, Google Calendar - Email and family calendar.
  • Reddit - Mostly for following along with what is happening in the world, tech or otherwise.
  • BoardGameGeek - For my modern board game addiction.

Hardware / Gear